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Ever wanted to improve on some aspect of your game but you just can’t find a coach who you are comfortable with or is nearby? Or perhaps you are looking to take up a sport or get your child to improve their skills?

Well you have taken one of the most important steps by looking for a coach or trainer that can get you enjoying your sport of choice even more or perhaps getting fitter and more active.

More than 35 thousand households nationwide check SportsCoach reviews to find the best local coaches and trainers for, golfers, cricketers, swimmers, tennis players and personal trainers. And that’s just the short list.

At SportsCoach we have the country’s only directory that lists coaches who you can contact and rate. We welcome you to start your search for an ideal coach. Borrow some experience and start enjoying your sport.

Why People Choose Us?

Firstly for coaches and trainers, they are exposed to just the kind of people that makes their business flourish- enthusiastic people who are looking to be taught how to get better at the sport they are experts in. The easier it is to be found the more business a coach gets!

Through SportsCoach anyone has the ability to quickly and easily tell thousands of other visitors about your experience with a coach or trainer. That’s really great news for the coaches that do quality work!  The better a coach is rated the more they are favoured which results in a great motivation for the coaches and a quality experience for all.